Gaèta Art Café-Bar

gaeta-barIn 2006 Panayis Dendrinos restored one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings in Fiscardo into the Gaèta Art Café-Bar located in a prime position on Fiscardo’s bay front, conveniently next to Tassia’s Restaurant and just a few feet away from the moorings.

Gaèta is a famous name in Fiscardo. The original Gaèta was the wife of Norman conqueror Roberto Giscardo who gave his name to the village. After her husband’s death in 1085 Gaèta left Fiscardo but her name lives on as part of the community’s rich history and in Fiscardo’s most stylish meeting place.

At Gaèta top barmen and an international team of waiters provide everything from sophisticated cocktails to Fiscardo’s best cup of coffee. Entertainment is provided by the mooring techniques of some of the less experienced yacht crews.

The style of the cafe bar is sophisticated yet simple, very much in keeping with the traditional Venetian theme of Fiscardo harbour. The emphasis is on relaxation, guests can enjoy an afternoon refreshment or pre-dinner cocktail as the sun sets. Later in the evening, the bar is a popular venue for locals and visitors alike. With music, great drinks and traditional Greek hospitality, Fiscardo considers the Gaèta Art Café-Bar the perfect place to end a night.

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